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• Perpetually in summer camp mode • I play dodgeball with kids for a living •
• Baseball is a drug, and the Angels are my drug of choice • Disney addict •
• Goonsquad since '94 • A division of Taco Corp.
♥ 02/13/14 ♥ "The truth resists simplicity" •

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Walter: It's a no brainer. There's nothing more anti-American than the designated hitter.
Leo: Al-Quaeda is more anti-American than anything.
Walter: This country was founded on a celebration of our individual freedoms. The designated hitter puts the teams collective success over that of the individual. Can't bat? Don't worry. Well send somebody to do that part of your job for you so we can all win together. There's a name for that, Leo. It's communism.
Leo: You can't get any more anti-American than actually trying to destroy America.
Walter: Al-Quaeda's doomed to failure. Hiding in caves. Designated hitters walk among us as heroes. It's subversive.

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