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• 23 • Sorority alumna • A little bit lost • West coast native •
• Perpetually in summer camp mode • I play dodgeball with kids for a living •
• Baseball is a drug, and the Angels are my drug of choice • Disney addict •
• Goonsquad since '94 • A division of Taco Corp.
♥ 02/13/14 ♥ "The truth resists simplicity" •

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Is there a non-awkward way to say “As much as I want to have sex with you (and believe me, I do), I also want to cuddle with you, and watch hockey games in jerseys and our underwear, and discuss physics, and rock out to Brand New and the Wonder Years, and go on random adventures, and get sloppy drunk and frisky on Saturday and then let me cook you breakfast to cure the hangover on Sunday and then spend all day hanging out, and generally get to know all the little things you enjoy about the world”?

Would “I would totally date the shit out of you,” be appropriate?

  1. timshel1022 said: I would totally date the shit out of you works.
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